Out of Commission

Sorry about the unannounced departure and the two month hiatus.
Thanks for all the mail (hate or otherwise)

Me and a few friends launched a new business in the BLR area in the tech space in late January. Things picked up around early Feb (not revenue wise, but in terms of the work needed to get the groundwork set up and get the ball rolling). While this is an exciting time for me personally, it is also a time I get home devoid of any energy. Consequently, I haven't been able to find the time or the faux-rage needed to summon bile up the oesophagus and into my virtual pen, and so I've kept away from the blog site for a while.

Unfortunately - for me - I wont be able to put in quality time toward this effort for another month or so.

Till then, fare thee well.
And wish me luck you insatiable hatemongers