The IPL Sucks

There has been a lot of hand-wringing lately about whether or not the IPL is good for cricket.
I dont know what the big deal about the whole thing is
IPL is a show.
It is not unlike those shows run by Bollywood stars outside India where a star and his league of extraordinary sycophants team up and grind away on a stage amidst unnecessary fireworks and garish stage props.
It's a show that Mr Modi has provided that lets the fatigued minions, browbeaten by their humdrum daily existence, scream away their worries instead of sitting inside a multiplex and watching decreasingly excellent vicarious escapes for increasingly absurd prices. I mean, have you seen the Vivek Oberoi thriller Prince? Why?)
It is not unlike the WWF where fake wrestlers jump around in a surreal atmosphere surrounded by believers and scantily clad women whipping the audience of people into a frenzy that some of my acquaintances can't avoid watching.

The IPL is not cricket. I dont watch much of it either. But if it's making so many people deliriously happy and forget their crazy existence for a few hours a day, it aint as fucking bad as these hand-wringers are making it out to be.
And you know what? Just like Kuch Saas Bahu Ma Devi Kali or whatever those Ekta Kapoor monstrosities are called.... If you dont like it, you can turn it off.

But that said, the IPL does suck in one aspect...

..... To be continued