Organizing to win

So how do you like my blog title.
Sound enough like a lame chapter in a management book?
Good. Coz that was the idea.

Organization structure has been a topic of research for so many years, that the fact that it is not more under control in the real world is something that should tell the ivory tower researchers that their ideas are not translating into the zone it matters.

I've always had that fuming discontent with management theorists. They're over there in some la la land looking into things that don't really matter, and building models out of boxes and arrows that explain the obvious.

I've had a seething resentment about management books too. So many of them are written as if they are addressing the senior management of the company, when really their readers troll corridors much lower than those of power. Like when they tell you how to handle your top talent (Straight from the Gut), and how you should develop the leaders of tomorrow (The leadership pipeline), how are you, the peon in management going to make those changes in your company?
You can't.
You don't even have the influence to get time with those people who have the influence to change something like organization structure or people management policies.


Why don't they write something to applies to us out here in the masses?
Why don't they talk about how to deal with management that makes stupid ass decisions, when quitting the company is not an option?

You know what? I'm going to write my own book.
Tips and tricks for people in the masses who want to grow in the organization from peon to high ranking well paid bullshit spewer.

So first, read my book, and then when you reach a decent elevation (you'll know you're there because the air will be thin, and there will be a guy stuck to your asshole), then you can read the other management books