Leadership Behavior

Barack Obama presented a last minute deal that - as I understand it - gives up on the balanced approach that the whole country had wanted. The tax breaks to the super rich are going to continue. The social programs are going to get screwed. The most powerful man in the world was held hostage by his own parliament, and he was forced to give up on something he promised. How refreshing would it have been if he was able to dare the demagogues and the frikkin deadbeats who want to put off paying their bills to actually come out into the public domain and state their reluctance in plain English. But he didn't dare dare the con men.

Closer to home, the chief minister BSY, in a city I still think fondly off, refused to leave office after being asked to. The leadership of his party was made to look like distressed heroines from 70's bollywood flicks, while he calmly kept extending his stay in office by hours and days and simultaneously put conditions on his resignation being sent. How interesting would it have been if Advani flew down, made a public statement saying we do not tolerate this nonsense, smacked him in the face with a dismissal and dared him and his cronies to walk out of their party. But they didn't dare dare the allegedly corrupt.

I'm sure both Obama and Advani thought about doing so though. I'm sure they did. They just couldn't act it out.
Elected people become wusses in powerful positions.
On the other hand selected people become tyrants.
Maybe it's time to think of a third way of appointing these people.