Top Ten People Who Should Retire Right Now, But Wont

  1. Deve Cowdung - from looking for election partners to deceive
  2. Leander Piss and his Bhu-patni - from their incessant dick waving
  3. Sachin Tendul-kuch-kar-nahin-raha - from painfully dragging his career
  4. Ms Dhoni - from his inflated social standing
  5. "Saliva" or is that "Thaliva" Rajani Saar - from throwing chewing gum into his eyes and sunglasses into his mouth or vice versa
  6. "Megastar" Konidela Siva Shankara Vara Prasad - from polictics
  7. Amitabh Bunch-o-crap-an - from hawking everything from Chavanprash to Cut-pieces
  8. Salmonella Khan't Dance Sala - from movies
  9. Shah Rukh Khan't Act - from anywhere my eyes land, AND FINALLY
  10. Mr. Narayan "I'm so simple" Murthy - from public life,