Moving on after Bombay

It feels odd to begin posting about random and minor aggravations after what has happened in Bombay, but I guess we can't stay stuck on that forever. The part I am struggling with though is that all of us try to move on individually, the society moves on as well, and then what happens to the focus required to systemically prevent such attacks?
The media will move on,...
I was glad to read - in the front page of a daily "newspaper"- that Brad Pitt is shocked at the events in Bombay, and that "full service was now available at the Bangkok airport" - Happy ending anyone? And many TV channels continue to claim inane non-events as exclusive news, and I'm as sick of Darkha Butt being touted as a great reporter as I will ever be.
The politicians will move on...
RR Patil (Deputy CM/Home for Maharashtra) was sacked or resigned, claiming moral responsibility. Shivraj Patil (Home for the country) was sacked or resigned, claiming moral responsibility. And Deshmukh (CM, Maharashtra) was sacked or resigned kicking and screaming, on the principle of acconutability (whatever the hell that means). I guess only Manmonia Singh does not have any moral responsibility or accountability in this matter. The buck stopped somewhere on the way to his desk... Everybody that comes to replace those poor bastards will probably begin with frank and open statements about admissions of failure. They will because none of that failure will mar the crispness of their white politicians garbs. PC has already begun by admitting intelligence failures. The question is, will these new guys do anything significantly different?

But move on we must.
To maintain our sanity.
To maintain our illusion of safety.
To maintain our ability to function.

It would be nice if there were one guy who was tasked exclusively with the dual tasks of apprehending the bastards responsible, and fixing the system. That one guy could give the country an update every week in the beginning and then every month or so. That way, the focus would remain. People could move on, snug in the belief that someone somewhere is working to keep them safe. But for some reason I do not think that anything remotely like that is going to happen here.


  1. Well how is it that no one else comments on this blog kinda beats me - coz i personaly know a few people who are FANS!
    Accountability - yeah whatever that is! Our country runs inspite of the government as we have seen over the years- but I blv we will see changes. When these politicians are sick of making money and doing nothing they will probably do something about the nation. Whether the something is substantial or not remains to be seen - but let us not forget that Manmonia pretty much created a free India [1991 reforms]. Changes are slow but sure - and are obiously always for selfish reasons. But as is the case with the Marwari businessman - personal gains tend to spread out and becoe societal gains

  2. Thanks for you comment again.

    Many people do not comment even though my hit counter and my op logger tell me that quite a few are semi-regular readers. I prefer to think that the silence is because the opinions I espouse are either so spot on or so brilliantly laid out, that nothing else remains to be said. Then of course, I am known to be delusional.

    As for the part about politicians doing something for the nations once they are sick of making money, I have to disagree. There are many rampantly rich politicians who seem to be doing precious little for the country. Politicians will do something only if they are the receiving end of either positive or negative reinforcement (as the need may be).

    Accountability and not punishment is the cure for most slackers. Whether those annoying bastards are at work or in politics.