Goonda turned Gandhi

So Sanjay Dutt is going to be a politician.
A guy convicted in the Bombay riots case is actually going to run for office.

And I saw him quote on TV that he was there to "teach people Gandhigiri"...

And that he wanted to get "Jaadu ki Jhappis" from people.


You know what bothers me?
Not that another guy with a criminal record is running for office. Every other politician is or has been a criminal. In fact probably more than 2 out of 3.
So no. That does not bother me anymore.
What bothers me is that soon, everybody will forget that not only was Such-A-Butt-head so dumb that he bought guns from a guy known to be linked with criminals, but he also tried to dispose of a metal gun by throwing it in a fire. And his face will be in the news being lauded by the press or some "common man types" for being so down to earth and so on. Just like people like Laloo and Modi are lauded for their achievements in one sphere (railways, infra development), while somehow the media and these common man types are able to ensure that any acknowledgment of their misdeeds don't jump across that wall they have built around their own conscience.
Fodder scam? What was that?
Godhra? Where?
Mumbai Terror Attacks? Did that happen? I'm already forgetting it.
And I think that cock-eyed sonovabitch Reieitheieish The-Shmuck is going to play another one of his "loser than pretends to be cool but is somehow loveable in a whomesome way even though he cracks silly jokes and double entendres" role. I hope he gets shot in the movie.

And here's the other thing that's bothering me nowadays:
Have any of you seen that annoying little twerp with a cup of tea looks at the camera with wannabe revolutionary eyes and asks us to wake up from our self induced stupor - ostensibly just so that we can vote, but really just so we can run out to the neighborhood FabMall and buy his fucking tea leaves?
I would like to meet with this guy and tell him how the reason people are all staying away from the voting booths is much more serious that a mere sleeping disorder. It's because we have this huge numbness in our souls that prevents us from caring about anything but ourselves. And not even ourselves in the long term enlightened way, but more in the short term, how can I get ahead of this annoying Santro in the next lane so I can be the first at the next red light kind of way.
The people of this country, by and large, don't care about this country.
They don't even care about themselves.
So nice try with the "buy my tea leaves because I'm trying to raise the collective consciousness spiel", but all they're going to do - even if they do drink your lousy fucking tea and show up at the voters booth, is vote the goonda turned gandhi into power.

And then what are we going to do?

Fucking pathetic.

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