Here. We. Go. (Again)

It's been a long time since I last posted anything... 3 months and then some actually

As you know I was working on a project that didnt seem pointless, with a team that had an IQ, in a city that didn't close it's bars at an arbitrarily appointed hour. I didn't have any reason to blog.

Job done, I am back in Bangalore now, and was immediately seized by a burining desire to bitch about the fantastic parking lots masquerading as the highways of Bangalore. I barely managed to keep that down and that by quaffing large quantities of Mallya's finest (which, by the bay, is not ultra) at a dangerous speed egged on by an annoying maitre d' wanting to shut sop and go home at an early time. The traffic and the fuck-off-at-11-pm rule aren't going to change any time soon, so I'm sure that will keep my bile levels steadily on the rise. 
And now my responsibilities now are significantly higher, and I will be making a bunch of changes. This should also pit me against the banalities of corporate procedures and the stupidities of individuals in powerful offices. That should give me adequate levels of indigestion as well.

So I think some blogging will follow.
I have to watch what I blog about and when, so I do not know if I'm going to be able to vent with the fervour of yore. It will behove me to stop calling colleagues bitches, whores, dumbfucks, and the like, even if they verily might be the same, and I fear that I do not have the talent to spew vitriol and make it entertaining without using scathing insults and expletives as a crutch.

I will try. Lets see how it goes.
This post is just so a note goes out to the people following this blog saying I'm back.
Thanks for following and I will be happy to get your emails denouncing my lack of regularity, my insistence on not using spell/grammar checks and other sundry faults.

It's good to be back. Again.


  1. 'sabout fucking time you got your irritated ass back here. Tell me when I can buy you a beer and I'll be there