The State of Indian Cricket

"We have earned the criticism", said Gambhir. No shit, Sherlock. Thanks for clearing that up.  Thanks also for pointing out that not just VVSL but the entire top order should be blamed for the current state of our batting. Again. thank you for admitting the obvious.

(VVSL, by the way stands for Very Very Superb Laxman or Very Very Soporific Laxman depending on the running average of his last three innings. He must be Very Very Startled Laxman given the speed at which the affection for him changes in some quarters of the Indian press) 

Both of Gambhir's statement are obviously true. But they're not the whole truth.  
The biggest contributor to the current infirmity of our team is hiding somewhere behind the surface of media coverage. The broken condition of cricketing in India is not due to the current performance of one or a set of players. It is the due to the baleful callousness of critical institutions in our country.
Not being a cricketer at any level, I wouldn’t know the bastards that caused the current ineptitude of our otherwise (and worryingly recently) much vaunted team,  if they walked up and spat in my face. But I have to assume that they’re powerful enough that even the brave capitulate and cower ingloriously when faced with the prospect of pointing a finger at them. 

All that said, let’s see if you can play a little game with me. Identify what comes next in the following series:
World Cup; 5 day rest; IPL; 5 day rest; England; 5 day rest; Australia; ......
(a) Sore and bleeding ass
(b) Ridicule
(c) Complete and Utter Capitulation
(d) Death
You don't have to be a mensa candidate to figure out the answer is (e) all of the above, in that order. 

Even Alexander wasn’t able to keep on going at some point, right? So how do you think Dhoni and his beatific half smile can motivate the weary? 
Now if anyone of you can tell me who may be responsible for bursting the calendar full of cricket, instantly I will have a clue as to who is responsible.

Any guesses?

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