Delhi 6

The depraved maniacs that carried out the heinous act in Delhi will be chargesheeted today.
The junta is acting justifiably outraged and is braying for a death penalty.
Hang the 6 of them. Fuckers. They say.

My cynicism tells me that lasting systemic changes will not follow.

Our criminal justice system needs an overhaul, and what saddens me is that even an act of such depravity doesn't look like being capable of triggering a thorough change.
What saddens me further is that when such incidents happen the lack of true leadership in this country's elected representatives comes really to the fore. Nobody seems willing or able to take the task on.

Uncertain social equilibrium will persist and such incidents will occur again long after the Delhi 6 have gone through their punishment - whatever that may be.
Rape is one, admittedly the most horrible but just one, type of crime that we are unable to prevent.

Child marriage.
Murder in the name of religion.
Even buying property is not something many Indians can do without suffering humiliation and participating in illegal activities of some kind.

The action needed is so wide and deep that it is difficult to really see who will try and how.
Our current criminal justice system increases and in some cases preys on our internal inequalities as a country; inequalities of caste, religion and money. It creates corporate and individual corruption, and in fact derives sustenance from it.

I'm glad people are taking to the streets after this rape. What saddens me though is that after the Delhi 6 get put behind bars, this like all other events will fade away.
The Babri masjid issue. The Godhra issue. The Bombay Riots. So much evil. So little changed.

I feel like we're getting raped every day.

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